Over 30 years ago we started developing our own lightweight and strong glass reinforced gypsum (GRG). We have been evolving and developing hand laminated GRG products ever since and have been involved in many of the most iconic building projects all over the world in that time.

We have an in-house design and development team as well as our own UK based pattern, mould and production facilities. In addition we have a large production facility in Europe.

We have invested in the latest dehumidification and drying technology in our European factory to ensure that product arrives on-site in perfect condition. This equipment allows us to produce large quantities of product very efficiently. Our delivery partners ensure that we can deliver product anywhere in the world quickly and cost effectively.

This investment and experience has meant we are now in a position to offer the most advanced and cost effective GRG products in Europe and probably the World. Our experience in the construction industry, gained over many years, means we are now able to offer products to the market that were not commercially viable a few years ago.

Our UK facility is ideal for small batch production, samples, design and development work, as well as very fast track production. It is the efficiencies of our European production facility that enables us to bring these new and exciting standard GRG products to the market.