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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find frequently asked questions about our products. The answers below are kept reasonably short as many of the topics have more comprehensive information available as technical sheets in our downloads section.

Product questions

Can you cut or notch GRG?
Yes, it can be cut using a fine toothed saw or similar implement.

How do you join GRG sections to each other?
The best method is to bolt the sections together with a 6>10mm spacer, apply an open weave self adhesive fibreglass joint tape to the rebated surface, then fill the joint with a setting jointing plaster (Gyproc Joint Filler). Once dry, apply a proprietary air drying finishing plaster (Gyproc Easi-Fill) and finally sand flush.

Does GRG require and further surface finishing once the joints are filled?
No, the surface is ready to receive primers and paint.

Does GRG offer any fire protection?
No, it cannot be used for fire rating itself although it can be used in association with specific fire rated products, it is non combustible with class 0 spread of flame.

Is GRG as robust as plasterboard?
Yes, it is more resilient to surface damage than plasterboard. Angles and sharp edges can be damaged if struck with a solid object however in general use they are quite resilient.

Will I be able to see the GRG section when the ceiling is finished and painted?
No, as long as it is correctly filled and the correct dry wall sealer is used prior to painting (as recommended by the board manufacturer) the GRG will blend seamlessly in to the drywall.

Can you make non-standard sizes and profiles?
Yes, subject quantity and design we can manufacture most shapes and profiles. Non Standard profiles will be on a 6 to 8 week lead time and subject to design approval and minimum order quantities. Contact our sales office for details.

Can the GRG sections be bent or curved?
No, it is very rigid product. However, we can manufacture bespoke curved sections to any radius. Non Standard profiles will be on a 6 to 8 week lead time and subject to design approval and minimum order quantities. Contact our sales office for details.

Does the GRG require special support metalwork?
No, proprietary light weight metal dry lining system can be used. The GRG sections are very rigid so less framework is required than for traditional plasterboard designs.

Are GRG panels easy to handle?
Yes, they are rigid, relatively lightweight and robust. The main area  that needs care would be any sharp angles as it could be chipped if hit on a sharp object

How should I store GRG?
Whilst GRG is unaffected by natural humidity, its should be protected form regular contact with water. It is very rigid however it will gradually go out of its formed shape if stored unsupported, say leant against a wall, for any period.

What is the lead in time for delivery of my GRG profiles?
Stock profiles will be available through our distributors however, we are still establishing that network at present. Stock profile should be available for delivery in around 10 working days. Non standard profiles will be on a 6 to 8 week lead time and subject to design approval and minimum order quantities. Contact our sales office for details.

Delivery and packaging

Does your price include packaging and delivery?
Prices are ex-works from our factory in Farnham, UK. We can of course deliver, however due to the differing sizes, weights and site conditions delivery costs will be need to be confirmed prior to finalising your order. Contact our sales office for details. If you wish to collect from our factory then there will be no additional costs and we will palletise the products and load by fork truck during normal working hours.

How do you deliver to site?
Generally the quantities of product, size and weight dictate that the product is palletised or crated for delivery to site. Delivery prices quoted will include this. Your site team needs to have a suitable means to mechanically off load the crate or pallet at site. If the qty is large enough we can use dedicated lorries and this can reduce the delivery and packaging cost.  Contact our sales office for details.

How much does delivery cost?
Contact our sales office for details.


Installation and maintenance

Do you install the GRG products that you sell?
No, we don’t generally install these products. The products can easily be installed by competent dry lining installers. We do have a number of recommended installers who should be able to assist should you require installation.  Contact our sales office for details.

What paints can you use on GRG?
Paint as per manufacturers recommendations for plasterboard. We would always recommend a matt finish be used on any ceilings or walls as this gives a less reflective surface and helps achieve a consistent flat finish.

Does GRG have any special cleaning requirements?
No special requirements

How do you repair GRG?
GRG can be repaired in a similar way to plaster board ceilings.