1. No manufacture will commence unless a full written order on headed paper and signed acceptance of our manufacturing drawing is received.
  2. Terms of payment will be on a pro-forma prior to us producing manufacturing drawings, if no credit terms have been agreed. The cost for two production drawings for each element have been included for, all additional drawings will be charged at the rate of £60.00 per hour or part of.
  3. Design development, which may be required to be carried out in conjunction with the Architect/Client, will be charged for at the rate of £60.00 per hour or part of
  4. No work of any nature shall be commenced until such time as we are in receipt of:
    1. An acceptably worded “Letter of Intent” on headed paper
    2. An official Order the content of which shall incorporate, on a precedence basis, these terms and conditions in their entirety.
    3. An agreed and reasonable delivery programme for our works which will include fixed and dated periods for all aspects of the work including any design, manufacturing process.
  5. Terms of Payment for Supply and Fix Works on approved accounts only:
    1. First payment to be due within one month of our commencement of manufacture
    2. Latest date for payments to be made to be within 14 days of their becoming due
    3. In addition to delivered items, payments to be also applied to off site manufacture, i.e. any design work, squeezes, models, moulds and casts, etc.
    4. Deliveries will be made in crates, unless otherwise agreed
  6. Unless otherwise stated, our estimate is net and does not allow for any cash discount. Any such or similar discount that is offered or is subsequently agreed to by us will only apply provided that our payment terms are strictly and consistently adhered to.
  7. Our estimate will remain open for acceptance for a period of sixty days from the date of its submission.
  8. Value Added Tax is not included within our estimate and will be charged for at the current rate prevailing at the appropriate payment application or invoice date.
  9. Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary as may be stipulated or implied in any subsequent Letter of Intent, Sub-Contract, Order, or similar, our total liability in contact or tort will be limited to an aggregated sum not exceeding 10% of our contract value.
  10. Cancellation of the supply of goods, a constituent part of order, will only apply with our prior written consent, and upon the terms as we stipulate in writing.
  11. The suspension system we recommend has been specifically designed to support its own weight and our GRG or fibrous plasterwork only. We will not accept liability for any other trades’ fitments fixed to our works.
  12. Adequate size, dry and secure areas on site for storage of our delivery of our materials.
  13. Delivery of our materials will be made in the size of loads that we assess as being most economic. We have not included for any out of normal working hours deliveries, or abnormal delivery conditions.
  14. Protection of fibrous plaster, GRG, is not practical and therefore no allowance has been made for protection to our products.
  15. In the event of damage occurring to our products after delivery, is the responsibility of the Client or Main Contractor and all replacements will be charged at full cost.
  16. We have not included for any preparation for decoration, or decoration of our works. We recommend that GRG or fibrous plaster surfaces be sealed and painted with only matt paint. Gloss and semi-gloss paints may under certain lighting conditions show or highlight blemishes and joints in our works which, given the method of manufacture and installation are unavoidable.
  17. All the same benefits and rights as possessed by the Main Contractor under the Main Contract shall equally apply to any Orders placed with us.
  18. Under no circumstances will the Company accept any contra charges unless previously agreed in writing by us.
  19. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to any contract arising from the submission of the estimate to which these conditions apply.